Saturday, December 10, 2011

Families in TV's Shows

To day I am going to talk about how families are perpetuate in the TV shows; how

They present them, and what the idea of family they are trying to promote for it, also how family is thought to be.

Family not always seen as real family; like there is the same sexual couple; it's tuff topic and in some country its not acceptable .For example, in conservative family won’t allowed any one of their members to have same sexual couple. But other individuals are supporting this new type of concept, and individuals are part of the society.

We notice lately that western countries TV shows are trying to add a new concepts in the society that every thing is fine like same sex marriage and having children a doubted by same sexual couple.

There are arias of society that appose to that, vary conservative position in the society like western society.

There are many types of families, like:

· Single parents: that happened when they face a divorce and the children decide where to live with; the mother or father. Sometimes the law decide with who the children should stay and live

· Communistic partnership: when two people live together without being married and they are committed to staple relation ship. They just are none married

· Civilian union: that is something new which is the couple are leaving together and in a stable relationship and maybe having a children but without marriage

· Also its involve people have the same sex in a relationship and these certain of unions are allow in some countries, but not on the other ones.

· Also some countries allow the adoptions for the same sex couple; its depend on the person, culture, countries and history of them. These are all different types of families

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