Saturday, December 3, 2011

Social Obstacles of Qatari Women in Media.

In the modern world lots of Arab women is working in the media (read, audible and visual) but emergence of women in the media of the functional areas is still difficult to a large group of Qatari women especially acting.

The most important social obstacles that considered as a barrier to enter the girl's country the media, in the social aspect of these constraints was the negative perception of the work of Qatari women in the media and that the customs and traditions still play a key role in establishing the image of women traditional society in the era of globalization and contemporary culture, In addition to the lack of entrepreneurship at the country girl to break into the media work.

The vast majority of women in Qatar have no desire to entrepreneurship into the media work due to the anxiety and fear in all its forms, including criticism of the community for her, in addition to that family upbringing play a big role in the creation of a generation that limited under customs, traditions and Islamic regulations.

The society sees that the women in our time consumed as a commodity to promote things and the media exploit her female body for the same goal, or they use the femininity to spread of immorality.Most of the plays and dramas depict a female as the object, which is suffering from problems. These problems caused by either a mother, wife or daughter and this means that the regular women's core are the cause of misfortunes, and the solution of such problems in these dramas is the rebel female on these roles and responsibilities. They calls for women to rebellion, and reduce the value of the housewife.

The right of the viewer to see a female model in the media, but according to the viewer right they pick a beautiful model and put her under a beauty pressure which is difficult to follow and that may lead to increase family disintegration. When the media exposure the female always been exhilarating and stylish appearance,and in the pompous decoration and beautiful clothes is achieved, this may lead to the reluctance of husbands to their wives who may not able to access many of them to the same degree of female beauty media. Hence, the problems occur between spouses, the husband feels that he is not satisfied with the level of the beauty of his wife.

Now a days the society began to change and seek to raise awareness of the cultural community, and get rid of the obstacles set by the phantom of the women themselves; which prevents them from thinking on the subject of media in earnest and strengthen the role of women media.

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