Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy national day UAE

In this day UAE celebrates their 40th national day with many festivals. They celebrate this with drawing on their face decorations and their cars, music and poems. They dress up and perform the youlah. Not only do they celebrate, Qatar also joins the celebrations by doing a 'masera' (cruising around Doha city together with flags) highlighting their happiness and joy. One of our famous local radio channels (sout al khaleej) dedicated a whole day just for UAE. Even the people in Doha are all celebrating the event by putting a status and profile picture to resemble the unity between Qatar and UAE. This conveys socialization between the two cultures.
 UAE was first colonized by the British, and gained independence in 1971. They are 7 emirates with one leader, sheik Khalifa Bin Zayid. Even though sheikh Zayid passed away, people of the UAE still relive his existence, as he was the one who changed the country. 

Both our culture are similar, however theirs a slight difference in accents. Also in the old days, we both had the same currency. Our clothing’s are similar; the males wear the traditional ‘thoub’ and the female wear the traditional ‘abaya’. We share the same norms. Our societies developed in a wider range. We are both more globalized countries but we still hold on to our past and celebrate every year.

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