Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Plastic surgery, huge hit in China and Japan

In China and Japan self appearance is a big issue. Bigger eyelids is most in demand when it comes to plastic surgery. Also there was a surgery called a leg lengthening surgery. To increase the individuals height. Although China banned leg lengthening surgery after a few unsuccessful procedures that left the patients with physical pain and mental anguish. The procedure was alarmingly high and growing at an even more alarming rate before China’s Health Ministry placed the ban in 2006. In my opinion each persons height makes one unique.

The popular Japanese pop artist named Ayumi Hamasaki during the 90's people did not have much interest in her music and her self appearance. However in 2000 she started getting plastic surgery to make her eyes appear larger and rounder. People started idolizing her and putting posters everywhere. Now people not only like music but also her appearance. In my opinion plastic surgery is a risky business. Ayumi Hamasaki turned out to be very successful. I believe that it can be both negative and positive. In other terms the positive side is that her surgery boosted her career and the negative side is that it can go wrong and give side effects. For example increasing breast size can give a chance of breast cancer. That wraps up the daily blog for today.

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