Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do Trend's End Lives ?

Due to these past few years, where the Arab society has met different types of people from various countries around the world, different subcultures have emerged, stating that they will the change the stereotype idea of Arab’s to Westerners.
These Subcultures included everything from Gothic groups to Football addicts who communicate with each other on a daily basis using the most amazing creation of our time, the Internet.
However with every change there is an opposition; and opening up all of a sudden has affected the Arab society on a great level. How? Well using the example of Goths and Emo’s who have been spreading quite quickly throughout the Arab countries these subcultures have created tension and fear to the Arab society.
What is an Emo? Emo stands for Emotional, the correct term is Emotional Punk, these people are part of a group whom want to fit in with a certain group or subculture. They tend to be suicidal, wear black and listen to rock and roll. Apart from the black clothing, Emo kids can be identified through blonde or pink streaks in their hair, dark make up and plenty of piercings.
As they are creating a deviance, meaning they have created an appearance or behavior that is not accepted by the culture, values or norms of our countries in the Arab Society.
By violating certain norms and values of a culture is that these groups have created fear in households of Arab families as I mentioned people known as Emo’s tend to be suicidal and suicide is considered forbidden and unwelcomed in most religions, whether in the Arab or Western side of the world, and due to the new fashion of Emo’s Arab individual’s are carried away with the trend not knowing what it hides.
Not only has the Emo affected the Arab communities however in the following video Westerners have been affected as well:

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