Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One word: Gender

Our society spends her time trying to find the ideal type of man and woman, from society to another the beauty can be differentiated by some little details. But for every sex there are expectations that basically represent the following.
We expect femininity for the woman; we want them to behave as girls, have a “girly” mentality, the sensible emotions and look good, pretty or attractive. However for the masculinity we expect them to be fitted, to have virile emotions, to look powerful, make some risks, and look handsome with muscle.
In my point of view the following videos show the ideal type of gender in the society.

So as we can realize, some advertisements just make those expectations worse by the amazing video that they show us in our daily life. In fact they are selling the product by using the commercialization of gender ideas. In other words it's the process of introducing products to the market by using advertisement and sales campaigns that draw on socially constructed standards of masculinity and femininity. It makes us dream, and let us hope about a possible chance to be like those mannequins. Or may also promise us “consumers” that we may accomplish our dreams just by buying them.
Those expectations bring a certain tension, and affect some people to always do their best to be accepted in our society. Therefor there will be always something that we can fix to be prettier, and the main gender that is more affected into it are the women. In other words the desire of the humans can be described by the only a simple word: MORE.

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