Thursday, April 5, 2012

A man?

According to the last reading we had for sociology class there was a lot of focus on Masculinity and the society. The book focused on Arnold Schwarzenegger, however my focus is on the Cartoon Network’s Johnny Bravo.

The examples given in the book, Cinematic Sociology, talk about Masculinity coming from the physical appearance of the male. The Terminator shows how the man is made of steel and his “tough” outlook makes him a man. This trend has been followed along by many to describe what a man really is, however, Schwarzenegger surprised many by changing his image in the Kindergarten Cop to the softer, more sensitive male.

Not all men should be bruits and have the sense of man-machine persona, however, there is a way in which a man can be seen as a man even when he’s sensitive. Schwarzenegger uses his terminator physic to win elections as governor in California. However later he changed his campaign tactics to be the man in the kindergarten. He used his masculinity to progress in his work and this helped him, which ever sort of man he choses to be.

For the counter-part, Johnny Bravo looks like the body-builder that Schwarzenegger is, however, it does not aid him in his progress. Other factors do, Factors such as his way of woo-ing women with his charms. Another factor may be his smart ways to dealing with things.

Children are socialized to watch these cartoons and movies and imagine themselves to being the males and females that these characters resemble. Masculinity is considered being a body builder who can also be compassionate and protective. I remembered how my teacher always said that “they” put in place these rules of society called norms. I think in this case, I know that “They” are women; because it is for them that the male can change and shape himself.

It is not anything to do with being a man; it is what you can offer society. As Schwarzenegger’s terminator, you can be a man of violence and with no words of expression. However, you can also be Bravo who uses his head more than his muscles. What I’m saying is that the appearance of the man can be cared for, but it’s not everything that makes a man, a man.

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