Monday, April 2, 2012

How boring does it get?

Doing an assignment about going to the cinema and analyzing the audience made me realize about the importance of cinema in Qatar, and more importantly about the structure of the society. Being born, and raised in Doha, I realized that a major pass time , is to go to the cinema. But it is very interesting, cinema or going to watch a film, is not just a past time. It's part of the society in Qatar. People from all over Qatar gather in the cinema, to watch the top films, the top American films. The past time of watching films is so commune as a family, friends, and colleagues.
While doing my observation in the cinema, I noticed that the cinema is a great symbol of the structure of the Qatari society. There is the family section, which is not really family but it's oriented of having a male and female. There is the VIP section, which represents the structure of the society, the wealthy and not so wealthy. Then analyzing the different people, and the different groups, the majority are foreigners, and the Qatari representation isn't as much, which is realistic, knowing that 2/3 of Qatar are foreigners. Then you find that the majority of people in the cinema are male, which is also based on the society, where the majority are male.
The age group is also very interesting, most of the people were younger than 30, which reflects the audience that is correlated with the population in Qatar being 2/3 younger than 30.

I believe that having the cinema reflect the structure, organization, and even the nationalities being very interesting. Is that something we would be able to find in other cinemas around the world? If we go to France will the demographic audience match the demographic facts of the country?

The picture I posted is showing people leaving the cinema, this is just an example of what I was talking about.

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