Saturday, September 29, 2012

Perfume Infusion

Scents have always been an essential factor in the Arab world. Perfumes are part of the culture and tradition here in Doha, especially in occasions such as Eid and weddings. A few days back, I went to the Lagoona mall to shop. I couldn’t help but notice all the different brands of perfumes. The scents differed depending on your taste. I came to realize that some Western brands of perfumes included Arabic scents such as oud, musks and amber. It got me thinking, why would these brands include Arabic scents? These brands are glocalizing these perfumes to satisfy all customers. They knew if they included Arabic scents to the perfumes, they will attract Arabic customers. I realized that more than one brand included Arabic ingredients to the perfume. Brands such as Tom Ford, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. These brands are multi national corporations. This idea is related to Capitalism
, because by having a wider range of perfume, the collections increase therefore the profit will increase. The more perfumes they have, the more money the company will make because they will have a wider range to satisfy the customers. However, there are consequences of these brands having Arabic scents. There will be a competition with the originally Arabic perfume companies such as AlJazeera, Amwaj and Salman Collection. Tom Ford, Armani and D&G are world known companies, and a smaller Arabic perfume company might find it difficult to compete with these large companies. It might lead to these Arabic companies to close down if these large companies are releasing Arabic scents. I realized that those large companies succeeded in attracting the Arabic customers. I noticed that when the customers look at these famous brands, they would ask them for the scents that include oud or the traditional strong scents. The western scents were looked at after the Arabic scents. The priority was to these powerful scents. Personally, I would look at perfumes that include Arabic scents. I came to realize that these large perfume companies attracted me more when they started to mix Arabic scents to it.

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