Friday, March 16, 2012

Fake Identity Versus Real Society

According to sociology, societies are shaped depending on people beliefs and values within a society. In Qatar and the gulf (GCC) in general, sociological beliefs and acts are hidden within the society itself, or people interacting with Qatari society/ Gulf society, as in order to know about a certain culture or society, people need to interact with it. In the Gulf, culture and believes are not widely interacted with the whole world, except through media. There comes the fake identity.

Mass media are creating a new picture for the Gulf daily life and general attitudes and issues. Some of the issues pictured in the T.V shows can be based on true story such as problems within families; however, T.V shows picturing younger generations behaviors in the gulf are getting out of hand. For instance, high school people, especially females, within the gulf society wouldn't for example jump off the walls of a school and run away in the breaks than come back through the same process. Such an act was pictured in a T.V show "Banat El-Thanwya", literally translated as "High school girls". In the Gulf in general, females and males have different expectations from a society. Females are expected to pay more attention to rules, can break some, but not to the extent of breaking through the walls of a school and running away. In fact, they aren't expected to leave a place without permission or accompanied with an elder unless they got the permission from an elder person, their parents. As for the males, it's expected through the society that males creates more of a wild attitudes than females, but that doesn't reach to the extent of destroying something or harming another. In the mass media, males' roles in a gulf society are pictured in the right way more than the females' roles. The interacting of both females and males in a Gulf society through the picturing of T.V shows can also be debated. As some of the interacting can actually happen in the gulf society, but some wouldn't, such a female from the gulf having a boyfriend that picks her up from her parents house, also pictured in the T.V show "BanatEl-Thanwya". In the gulf, a boyfriend wouldn't dare to come to his girlfriend's parent's house, as having a boyfriend is actually not allowed, which than creates a social issue within the family. Other facts in the Gulf T.V shows, is that they picture females with nearly full make-up, fully dressed in the house as soon as they wake up out of bed, which is a wrong picture to the Gulf society daily life as well as an issue in T.V programs production for not picturing reality, but creating a new fake world that shouldn't be believed.

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